Reactive/Fearful Dog Evaluation

*Reactive/Fearful Program Update- March 29 2021

We are currently taking on new dogs with fear/anxiety from existing or past clients only. The only aggressive cases we will be working with at this time is dogs to people, not dog to dog aggression.

Thank you,

John Gagnon


What some of our clients are saying about our Reactive/Fearful Dog Program

"For behavioral issues, John Gagnon is amazing. I have a fearful dog and we were so close to re-homing him after a tense situation with our toddler. John came to our house for a 1 on 1 visit to evaluate the situation. He pointed things out that we simply did not see - he evaluated the physical space - rearranging furniture to prevent “growl zones” and putting up 1 baby gate. He gave us easy, simple rules for the household. Most importantly, he gave us peace of mind that the situation was a one off and easily preventable. John’s advice was practical, trustworthy, and reliable. I would recommend him to anyone facing difficult behavior issues!"

Jen Avery

"Absolutely hands down the best place to bring your pup's!!! We have been going to John gagnon for 6 years with our Tucker,he came from Hartford pound with fear agression .John met with him one on one and worked with him to get him comfortable with the staff. They totally understand him and treat him so wonderfully,I never worry when he's there.highly recommend using them!"

Eileen Marchese

"One of our pups is a rescue. She is a sweet and loving pup, but she has a very high level of anxiety. Her barking was LOUD (John Gagnon said perhaps the loudest he's ever seen) and incessant. And she was a jumper, and strong. We knew we needed training, and tried to get help with that. We brought her to several highly recommended animal daycare centers who looked briefly at her, and said they couldn't help us because she was disruptive and aggressive. It was demoralizing, because we desperately needed help. After searching the web, we learned about John Gagnon's place, which worked with Reactive and Fearful dogs. Our vet also had great things to say about them. We decided to give them a try. We completely expected to be told they couldn't help us. We were wrong. Walking in, our pup was jumping, barking, name it. John bent down and greeted her. Charlotte was wagging her tail, and licking John's face. He was so accepting and loving. He told us to leave, and he'd keep an eye on Charlotte. We were blown away there was no hesitation at all. About an hour later, he sent us a video clip, showing Charlotte quietly hanging with all the other pups. We were so appreciative and relieved. We HIGHLY recommend Gagnon's. Their staff loves dogs, and their facility is top of the line."


"John Gagnon worked with one of my aggressive Bulldogs. They did an amazing job with her. Best dog trainers ever!"

Kerrie Nolan

"Greatest place on earth for our dog, Coby!! He has fear aggression and the staff at Gagnon's understands him and his needs. They love him and he loves them!! The staff is truly well trained and handles every situation with the utmost professional care."

D. Duncan


"Best trainer out of the 7 or 8 we went through with our GSD and his major fear aggression issues. Excellent kennel and facilities to leave your pup at. Great, knowledgeable staff. Really can't say enough about this place."



"This is long overdue. Thank you John Gagnon for working with us and our dog Asher. You helped provide great insight into the reasons for his anxiety and we cannot thank you enough. Not everyone will take the time to help "fur parents" figure out how to best help a troubled rescue dog and we appreciate your guidance. He isn't perfect, but perfect for us and we are all learning how to best handle certain situations. We will certainly recommend your services to anyone in need. Thank you!"

Danielle Cohen

"I do foster care for dogs, plus have 4 dogs of my own-2 pugs & 2 pit bulls. My pit bulls were rescues & the mother, Jasmine, came to me when she was 2 1/2 years old & full of baggage from her past life in Tennessee. John helped me tremendously with showing me what triggered her behavior by evaluating her in my home & then having her go to daycare for socialization. She is such a lovable dog today, that I can't say enough about John, his resort & all of his employees and the patience & knowledge he has for understanding this breed. Jasmine is definitely not the same dog that came up here from the south. I feel Jasmine will always be a work in progress, but John certainly makes it easier. If I have any questions or concerns, he always gets back to me quickly."

Cyndi Danko

"Just wanted to update you on a dog you helped. Five years ago this past January we adopted a lab/ border collie mix named Tino through Paws New England, We met him at your facility where the trainer  was working with him. He had been returned by an adoptive family due to aggressive behavior toward visitors to the family home, including growling at an infant. Your trainer helped him increase his confidence and he continued to grow in our home. He is absolutely the most loving, loyal dog you could ever meet. He is good with other dogs, is even tolerating cats (to his dismay) and is great with people now, including our granddaughter that he has been GREAT with ever since her birth. He absolutely LOVES to go hiking or running with my husband, We have a camp in Maine on a lake and he really enjoys it there and will swim for 1 hour plus- absolutely loves the water! (the trainer did say he liked the hose at your resort). Just wanted to thank you for giving him the little extra confidence he ! needed to thrive in a family home. Our friends actually vie over who will get to watch him when we go away- he is that special!"

Thank you,

Diane Warren


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