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All fences are not created equal. The combination of the most technologically advanced pet fence equipment, and our training experience and commitment to excellence, leaves you with a fence that changes the lives and relationships of people and their dogs! Browse a few of our many testimonials and you'll see. They don't just say, "Thanks, great job". Many exclaim that it is the best money ever spent, that it has saved their dog's life and that they and their dogs are so much happier than before they purchased our system.

We service all other brands of pet containment products including Invisible Fence® , PetSafe®, Radio Fence®, Underground Pet Fencing Co, Innotek®, Smart Dog® Dog Watch®, Pet Guardian® and others as an independent contractor. We provide product upgrades, exchanges, trade-ins and replacements.

We create an invisible boundary to keep your dog safely in your yard and away from places you don’t want them, such as gardens, swimming pools and driveways. Your dog can run, play and exercise so they stay safe, happy, and healthy! We also have an indoor transmitter to keep your dog off furniture, out of a particular room, and even out of the litter box!

  • Veterinarian Approved and Recommended

  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty

  • Pet Containment Guarantee

  • Training provided by PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINERS

  • Advanced equipment technology

  • Leaders in the Pet Containment Industry

  • Prompt Friendly Service

  • Locally Owned and Operated



Rechargeable Receivers

You’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries again! Our rechargeable receivers last over a month without a charge and are small enough for your small dog, yet can be programmed to also contain your large breed! Ask us about the new LINK receivers with bluetooth technology, nightlight, remote transmitter so you have complete control of your system!

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Contact John for a price quote at 860-608-3250.  
He will be happy to price over the phone, or provide a free in-home, no obligation estimate! We'll make your decision easy. We will match competitor's written offers so you're guaranteed the best system, with the most experienced dog people, at the best price!
*Remember to unplug your Pet Fence system during lightning storms so your system does not get damaged.


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Did you know we can install a pet fence with snow on the ground?


It's true! We can install your pet fence in the winter months even with a few inches of snow on the ground! 

*Attention Pet Fence Clients- If you purchase batteries through someone else and they are not the correct size battery your receiver will crack and that will forfeit your warranty.




We are happy to now offer our valued clients Pet Fence battery replacements online. Please fill out this form and submit it and our reception staff will get your batteries in the mail within 24 business hours.


Listen to what our customers are saying

"Liza came to train our dog. She was very professional, interacted great with our dog and the training was very effective! We were very happy with the service provided."

Julie McLaughlin

"We put an electric fence around our yard and it’s the best move we could have made for our rescue. We’re able to throw the ball all over the yard. He loves it and we don’t have to worry about him leaving the yard, as he recognizes and respects the boundaries. Liza from John Gagnon’s was great. Very prompt. She explained the installation process and how long it would take. Very personable and professional; and was great with our pooch. She also provided some training tips. Overall, a great experience. We couldn’t give a higher recommendation for Liza and John Gagnon’s."

Sue & Ned Foran


"After two years with a dog that could not be allowed off leash, we realized fencing was in our future since our dog could never run and expend the energy she had. Traditional fencing isn't any option for our property, which led us to explore underground electrical fencing. Liza set up an appointment to give us an estimate. Always professional, she arrived wearing a mask and was conscious of being socially distant in this COVID-19 environment. Our installation and subsequent training sessions enabled us to feel confident that we've made the correct choice for our dog. Thank you, Liza, for your help!"

Pamela Beth


"Had a PetStop invisible fence installed by Liza. She did a FANTASTIC job! Great experience. Better pricing than other dog fencing companies that quoted us."

Eric Vincent

"Just had Liza out to once again mend our electric fence. She worked hard and found a break, even in the dark. Thanks to her our perimeter is safe once again. We have counted on John Gagnon's for several years and many dogs. They are always professional and knowledgeable in how they treat our pride and joy's. Thank to all the staff in all aspects of their job functions."

Ken Donnestad


"John Gagnon’s pet resort is amazing, I can’t say enough great things about them! We had an electric fence put in. Liza was amazing and so easy to work with! I had some concerns about my dog going thru it and she put me at ease. My dogs are so happy they get to run around my yard. I wish I did this sooner! I highly recommend John Gagnon’s pet resort!"

Colleen Scanlon

"We have used Gagnon's for everything and couldn't be more pleased! Most notable is the fence and customer service when needed as well as the day care to tire out Bear and Jameson! Our boys need some more play time - they can't wait to get back after the holidays!"

Cheryl Egazarian


"We want to thank Liza from John Gagnon's Pet Resort for her recent installation of an electric fence for us. Liza was very friendly, professional and patient with us throughout the process, which not only included the installation but also the training sessions that followed. We had been a bit hesitant as to whether it would contain our 100 lb Boxer/Rottweiler mix, but Liza was reassuring and positive throughout. Her knowledge, understanding, and love of dogs shone through. The training was simple and effective and our Maggie caught on quickly as promised. Maggie can now freely enjoy the outdoors, making all of us very happy! Thanks Liza!!"

Kevin Duplin

"Stopped at John Gagnon's Pet Resort recently to have them check the transmitter box for the invisible fence they had installed years ago. It had gone bad and I thought I'd have to buy a new one but as it turned out the box had a lifetime warranty so I was given a replacement. As always everyone was friendly and accommodating and I even got a review of the facility upgrades from John. Very impressive."



"I just wanted to send a thank you for your great, friendly, thorough and complete service! I arranged the appointment with Liza and she was so wonderful and friendly on the phone. My husband was the one here when she came to fix our broken wiring and he raved about how friendly and thorough she was. Very diligent in her task, yet friendly to deal with. Thank you so much and we will surely pass your name on to our other dog loving friends!!"

Marcy Williams


I recently had a Pet Stop electric fence installed and it has changed my life, more importantly it has changed my two dog's lives. I LOVE IT. I would recommend it to every dog

I wish I had it installed years ago. My dogs are so happy they get to play and run together. I am now able to throw the ball/Frisbee for my dogs. They are better behaved in the house because they are able to exercise and burn off energy. One of my dogs is a runner and all she thinks about is freedom, this fence contains her. I am not worried about her running into the road, chasing cars or the neighbors walking by. Darcy's professionalism, knowledge and training abilities are excellent. She was wonderful to work with.

Thank you, Thank you and did I say THANK YOU!
The Geremia Family in Woodstock Valley
ScarletT Ray, Rottweiler & Luna, Border Collie, Husky mix



Hi John,
I am on my second electric fence with Darcy and I just love them. The first was for a husky and a husky/Shepard mix and Darcy came back on many occasions to retrain those dogs. I now have a black lab and Darcy came and trained her with the fence as well and she never leaves the yard.
The fences are the best investments I have ever made and Darcy is so great with the training and installation.


Thanks SO much,
Melissa Thomas



"Dear John Gagnon and Darcy Meo,

We are so happy with the pet fence for our dogs. Our home is nestled on 10 acres of land with woods completely surrounding our home. Our two dogs have plenty of space to play but were beginning to go further and further into the woods and eventually out of sight. For safety reasons, we decided to invest in an invisible pet fence and chose the PetStop fence through your company. The fence was installed professionally and perfectly. The boundaries allow plenty of space for my dogs to still play in the woods while keeping them safe and within our sight. Darcy was wonderful in instructing us through the training process. She is excellent in her expertise and has a comfortable training style. I have two dogs, Shamrah and Murphy, and each had to be trained according to their different individual personalities. The PetStop fence allows the settings for each collar to be customized depending on the dog's personality. Not all companies have this feature and it is an important feature to have for a successful result when you have two dogs with totally different personalities. We are very satisfied and extremely happy with our investment. It is so wonderful to be able to let our dogs out knowing that they will stay safely within the boundaries of the fence and have plenty of space to play. We always recommend John Gagnon's Pet Resort for kenneling, daycare, and for what you did to help my rescued dog, Murphy. The PetStop fence is another recommendation that we can add to our list. Thank you so much for all that you have done for us! " 

Kathy & Dave Knox, Andover



"The fence has been a God send. I don't worry about Bella running off. Darcy always returned our calls within 24 hours. We look forward to having her and Casper back in the spring to help Bella learn to go on walks to the river with us! Thanks Darcy, you rock!" 

Susan Favro, Bozrah



"Darcy was informative, personal and friendly. She always came with a smile ready to work with my dog and me. She answered all of my questions about the fence and even other dog training questions I had about my new puppy. I felt like she really cared about the success of me and my dog using the fence properly for the lifetime of my dog." 

Kristy H. Jadlos, Glastonbury



"We had quite a problem with our dogs running away as soon as a door was opened. They would wander for an hour or two before coming home. It was when they started killing other animals (chickens) we thought we would have to put them to sleep. This was their last hope-and I really didn't think it would work. Our friend Lori convinced us it worked for her dogs and that it was guaranteed to work by John Gagnon. I had tried the electric collar with the hand held transmitter and that failed miserably. We had the fence installed several months ago and only once in the first week did they run through. Now they enjoy the freedom to run the yard and play together. Thanks!" 

Kim Joubert, Vernon



"Our experience with John Gagnon's Pet Resort has been a very pleasant one. I compared the Invisible Fence Co. with John Gagnon's Pet Stop® program. John's program was very simple and comparatively priced. I appreciated the fact that John's focus was on my dog-not on the technology of the fence. Darcy was very prompt in scheduling our installation appointment. The installer had the fence in before I knew it and without any yard disruption. Darcy's training session perfectly coincided with the installation. Sammy's training went well and she was quick to call and check up on us and returned promptly to "turn up" the fence (that Sammy had seemed to have mastered.) We have been very happy with the fence and the customer care from John Gagnon's Pet Resort and more importantly Sammy is very if they could just come up with something to keep him from grabbing all those shoes! " 

Connie Fabian, Canterbury



"Murphy is thrilled with his freedom. We are so glad to not be worried about him running off from our yard. Thanks so much! Darcy was a pleasure to deal with. She took time to address my concerns (pre-purchase) and took time to develop the customer relationship. That was very much appreciated during my decision making process! " 

Nancy G, Ellington



"Darcy was great and wonderful with the dogs. She called back and answered any questions promptly as well as called to see how everything was going. She is an asset to your company. The Pet Stop® pet fence is the best money I've spent in a long time. We are very happy with it."

Donna Lynch, Colchester



"I just wanted to let you know that the pet fencing is awesome!! Kona and Ellie love the fact that they are able to run free. If you remember, I had some concerns with trusting the system especially with Ellie because she has no fear and I really thought that she would find a way to out beat the zap! One week later and after our second training on the system, the dogs haven't gone through or do they even care to go near the boundaries. It has been a few months now, most of the flags have been removed, and I am amazed that they remember the area that is safe without having the visual of the flags. The Morin's have brought their dog Buddy over, with his collar, to play with our dogs. We took a few minutes to show him the boundaries in our area and he was fine, never once did he go through the fence. I must say that the best thing about the fencing is that when I am tripping over the dogs in the kitchen or they are playing rough, I just open the door and out they go!! Anyway, we have recommended you to several people, and I am sure that they will be just as happy as we are. Thank you again." 

Christopher and Kerri Lawton, Montville



"Dear John,

Although we are still going through the training process with our beagle, Millie Bea, I want to let you know how pleased we are with the Pet Stop® fence, and especially Darcy who we feel is a terrific trainer. After the installation of the wiring, Darcy came out to train Millie Bea, and us. Being so shy, Darcy had to take Millie's personality into account, as well as the fact that Millie spends most of her playtime with her nose to the ground, hindering her ability to see fast approaching white flags. Darcy knew how to encourage Millie to come out into the yard after her first zap and how to adjust her warning beep to allow Millie extra time to respond to the flags she didn't see because her nose was to the ground. When we had a few setbacks affecting Millie a short time later, totally unrelated to the fence but affecting Millie's training just the same, Darcy came right back out to help us regain the ground we'd lost. Darcy has the patience of a saint and even though her presence always reminded Millie of that first "zap," Millie always responded positively to Darcy's gentility. Thanks for continuing to be there for us every step of the way and for not just forgetting about Millie Bea after the fence was installed. We truly appreciate all of your help. " 

Laura (Protectors of Animals) and Harvey Berman, Cromwell



"Our entire experience was great. The guy who installed the fence, John, was very polite, competent, professional and fast. He listened to our needs and was most accomodating. Darcy was our trainer. She too was wonderful. She was so sweet and loving with our dogs and they absolutely loved her. She was patient and loving, answered all of my questions and was most competent. It was reassuring knowing that she was only a phone call away and she's be returning to check on the training. She also offered advice on another concern. We had just moved and one of our dogs was very depressed and had made a box her new home. She was reluctant to eat or drink for a few days and refused to leave her box. Darcy was genuinely concerned and helped us to help Beamer with the necessary adjustment. Overall a top-notch, wonderful experience! Our dogs have never been happier, nor we too!" 

Tunie Kravetz, Bolton



"John Gagnon's staff was highly professional. Every call was handled well and every interface was pleasant. Darcy's love for animals shines through in her training. If anyone asks me if a pet fence is a good idea-I'll be telling them that it is BUT only with the right company and John Gagnon's is the one for us." 

Lisa Gay, Somers



"I am extremely happy with my Pet Stop® fence. I had some concerns but Darcy was very willing to put them at ease. I know this is silly but I even got to pick the color of Brie's collar. The fence broke once and it was fixed so fast my dog didn't have a chance to try or think about running through. I don't have to worry about Brie getting loose because she can't jump over this fence. I love it. My husband was skeptical about the fence at first but now he will recommend it to everyone. We have never had a problem with it. Brie is very happy too!" 

Amanda Hadden, Tolland Veterinary Hospital



"Your company has excellent service and an excellent product. I was so appreciative that John was willing to travel a longer than normal distance to my home to train my overly sensitive rescue dog. I had tried an electronic collar with a hand held remote to train her but without proper knowledge, ended up scaring her and not teaching her the boundaries. Having a professional trainer who has worked with dogs that have previously been traumatized made all the difference and gave me the confidence to complete the boundary training myself. Both my dogs quickly learned the boundaries of my yard (which is several acres) and no longer run into the street to greet someone walking by or run to the neighbor's yard when the kids come out to play. Having a Pet Stop® pet fence has been wonderful and allowed us to let the dogs run free and get much more exercise than they were when being walked on a leash only." 

Nancy (Last name withheld at the request of the customer), New Hartford



"I just wanted to say Thank You for the great service and we are so glad we installed the fencing for Buddy. He is loving it and we love that he can run free in the yard without worrying about him getting hurt. Darcy was very helpful and was a pleasure to deal with as well. Your pricing was extremely fair compared to some of the other big companies we had come out and they didn't give us half the friendly feeling that you and Darcy did. I am looking forward to Obedience classes in October so we can work on some of the no no's that Buddy does (as a puppy his age will do !!! ) We recommended you to everyone we talk to!! Thanks Again!" 

The Morin Family And Buddy, Lebanon



Check out our Testimonial page to read more testimonials from our clients!


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