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Kelly Fox, Abbie Abbott, & Ashley Field make up our grooming staff and together have 24 years of grooming experience. We cater to cats as well as dogs, and offer a wide array of shampoos to treat sensitive skin, flea and tick problems, skunk odors, or just a conditioner for that extra silky feel! Prices vary per breed, so call for a quote today!


*We require that all dog's have Rabies, Bordatella, & the Distemper vaccine including dog's that "walk-in" for a nail clipping

*Prices are based on the dog or cat being groomed regularly. If the pet requires extra work, such as extra brushing, multiple baths, or dematting, the price may increase.


Services automatically included in a grooming are:

Nail trimming

Feet trimming

Ear cleaning


*Anal glands can be expressed by request

Walk in Services:

Nail trim - $15.00

Nail grinding - $20.00

Ear cleaning - $8.00

Removal of mats - $5.00 - $20.00

Teeth brushing - $12.00

Paw Trim - $12.00 - up

Eye area trim - $12.00

Anal Glands - $12.00


Our groomers are available Monday - Saturday, hours vary so please call the resort to schedule an appointment.


Extra Salon Services (price listed will be added to breed specific prices): Medicated Oatmeal Bath: To sooth dry skin on contact. Some pets may require this treatment at every grooming while others only seasonally.

$5.00 for small breeds, $10.00 for medium breeds, $15.00 for large breeds and $20.00 for extra large breeds.


Flea Treatment: Available to eliminate fleas living on your pet. A flea preventative from your Vet, is recommended to keep fleas away that may be present in your home or car. It is best to apply the preventative 48 hours after their bath when natural oils return to the skin. $5.00 for small breeds, $10.00 for medium breeds, $15.00 for large breeds and $20.00 for extra large breeds.


Skunk Treatment: To tame the smell that come from getting "skunked." Often it only takes one treatment, however some pets require several treatments depending on the severity of the spraying. This treatment enhances the drying process of the skunk oil, making the smell almost nonexistent. Your pet's whole body is treated with most of the focus on the face and chest areas as those are the most commonly sprayed areas. $5.00 for small breeds, $10.00 for medium breeds, $15.00 for large breeds and $20.00 for extra large breeds.


Deep Conditioning Treatment: For pets with longer coats. This treatment thoroughly conditions the coat making it easier to keep it mat free , long after the salon visit.$5.00 for small breeds, $10.00 for medium breeds, $15.00 for large breeds and $20.00 for extra large breeds.

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  Kelly                             Ashley                       Abbie
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Listen to what some of our clients have to say about our groomers:

"Piper has been groomed by Kelly for years and she always does an amazing job. Recently, Piper has been battling illness and when I spoke to Kelly about it, she helped us by arranging Piper's appointment so that she would be taken care of quickly so she could come back home and rest and take her medication on time. Kelly was so supportive of my concerns and even gave me some resources to find help with treating Piper's symptoms. I can't express how helpful she and the rest of Gagnon's staff has been with all of Piper's needs. We appreciate it so much."

Jeanne Deschene


"Our two dogs have been getting groomed at Gagnon's Pet Resort for a long time now and we have never had an issue. The dogs love to see Kelly when they go...thanks Kelly!!"

Michael Shelto


"Brought my long haired Shepard for a grooming. My opinion they did a fantastic job. My boy was very happy being pampered. His last grooming didn’t turn out well. So that’s why I changed groomers. Will return for another grooming when the time arises. My boy enjoyed his stay at the facility."

Daniel O'Connor


"They are always professional and friendly when I go there. My dog is a dachshund with an attitude and he loves going there for grooming with Kelly. Would recommend to anyone."

Pamela LeBlanc


"Today I bought my bulldog Buttercup to get her nails trimmed. I was having a hard time convincing her to go inside. As she has aged she is losing her vision and I think this was part of the issue. One of your staff Abbie saw me struggling and came right out. She trimmed her nails for me right there in the parking lot. I shouldn't be surprised by this since your staff is always wonderful. Henry loves going to day care there. I wanted to say how much her actions were appreciated today."

Jane Ridley


"I was recommended by a friend to bring my dog here for grooming, and had a wonderful experience. My dog, Penny, is a large pit mix, they treated her with so much love - sometimes people tend to treat pits differently but not here. Penny doesn’t love waiting rooms, and they were awesome about letting her wait in the car. They took her right in, within an hour I had my pup back and she smelled so wonderful and it lasted for weeks! Kelly was the groomer and she was super nice. My dog is a pain with getting her nails trimmed so it’s nice to know I have a reliable place I trust to bring her from now on. The pricing is so reasonable, and I would definitely consider them if I ever need to board my dog in the future!"

Victoria Baribault


"We recently took our older Aussie Shepard to John Gagnon and his staff and had a very positive experience. Our dog 'Kiley" is very arthritic and it is difficult for her to be in a crate or confined for any length of time. They worked with us and bathed and groomed her in a very short time to keep her comfort level safe. I would highly recommend them for the needs of your pet -because they really listened to our specific concerns and Kiley was happy and beautifully groomed when we picked her up!"

Mary Claire Maeder


"Love this place. Kelly takes great care of our boy when he comes for grooming."

Christine Castro


"John Gagnon's is a clean and efficient facility. We bring Perri to see Angel for grooming. She is so very caring and does a great job every time."

Josh Wilson


"Worth the trip to Colchester! Rocco obviously enjoyed his weekend with you. Unlike the last place we used, he came home happy and was not giving me the cold shoulder for a couple of days afterward. In the past he has also come home depressed. Not the case with you! He was happy and bouncy and full of kisses. We also appreciate the grooming he received before coming home. You did a great job on his nails and his coat is so soft! Also you focused on Rocco’s particular needs by using a medicated soap for his sensitive skin. We’ll be back to visit again soon! Thank you so much!"

Lisa Schack


My family and I just wanted to offer a quick Thank You to you and your staff. Everyone is always helpful and pleasant and just an overall pleasure to do business with. Angel, in particular, who grooms Miss Curly Sue, is always very helpful and caring and does a spectacular job keeping Curly looking her best. You should be commended for putting together a wonderful staff.

 Thanks and kind regards,

Mr. Hundley


"Thanks for doing such a great grooming job on my Big Fluffies! (and for making one a little less fluffy for the summer). Besides my family, you're one of my favorite reasons for driving down from my home in Maine. You guys are awesome."

Susan Ridley Teft


I am happy to provide this testimonial regarding Gagnon’s Pet Resort Grooming Service and in particular Kelly's attention. We have been using Gagnon’s Pet Resort for both boarding and grooming for a number of years.  While the service and results are always outstanding-my sister used to bring her dog from Middletown to be groomed at Gagnon’s Pet Resort, in more recent times we have come to rely specifically on Kelly's attention to the animals and her wonderfully caring way with them.  Kelly has worked with two of our older dogs who had a number of bumps and imperfections and provided observations in regard to their health that we had not noticed. Our most recent experience was on Saturday when Kelly gave our new cockapoo puppy its first haircut.  She has spoiled us with her manner and results and we consistently ask that she be the one to groom our family members.

Kathy and Jim Eckels

"My dog Macy got skunked on Saturday 7/16.  Your staff...Jessica, Amanda and Angel were amazing!  They were so kind and not to mention accommodating!  They were able to get us an appointment for skunk treatment right away.  I was truly impressed with the immediate response I got when I called (I was a bit frantic on the phone) and Jessica handled me with ease and reassurance that they would be able to help Macy and I.  

Angel handled Macy very well and now she smells sooooooon much better!


Beth  & Macy 


"The service is great- I am always "last minute" and because Oliver is a Lab and requires only the cleaning basics, they always fit him in and call us right away for pick up. You guys take good care of him in all ways!"


Barbara Bashelor



"Buddy was nervous the first few times we brought him in, but he's since gotten used to it. We love the way Buddy looks each time we pick him up, and we're very happy with the service you provide."

Mike & Michele Erling (and Buddy)



"I had my two dogs Gus and Lanee groomed today by Abbie. It was their first visit and they

both look adorable, she did a wonderful job! Gus usually comes home very stressed from getting groomed and when I picked him up, he is in good spirits which is impressive and

makes me very happy!

We will definitely be back!!"

Stacey Botticello


"We have used your grooming services for the past 5 years with Pumpkin. It has always been a good experience. Your staff is courteous & professional. This first experience with Midnight has been the same and I love his first puppy haircut! We look forward to the next visit."

Patrick & Dawn Mickens


Check out our Testimonial page to read more testimonials from our clients!

John Gagnon's Pet Resort, Dog Getting Goomed
John Gagnon's Pet Resort, Dog Getting Goomed
John Gagnon's Pet Resort, Dog Getting Goomed, Dog getting a bath
John Gagnon's Pet Resort, Dog Getting Goomed, Dog Getting a Bath
John Gagnon's Pet Resort, Dog Getting Goomed, Dog Getting a Bath