What we do for our furry friends

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Dog Daycare

Welcome to Connecticut's FIRST AND LARGEST doggie daycare! One of the most common contributors to every day behavior problems at home is lack of social activity. Let's see what we can do about that! Our daycare is another reason why our client's choose our premier dog kennel in Connecticut.



Here's what you get from us.

1. A building floor plan designed for your dog's safety, and social, as well as physical comfort.
2. Policies that allow your dog to...well, be a dog. Be relaxed. Have fun. And look forward to his day ahead, rather than waiting anxiously for your return.
3. A committed staff that feels that while your pet is with us, they're our pet too.

See our boarding page for the complete story!

Dog Training

Training is much more than practicing a series of learning exercises with your dog. Training your dog means developing your relationship and communication together. Here at the resort, we teach dogs through behavior management and positive reinforcement. While we do not focus on punishing behaviors that we don't want, we do ensure that those behaviors are not rewarding for the dog. Proper socialization is also a very big, and often overlooked, factor in your dogs training. John specializes in rehabilitating dog's with Reactivity & Fearful issues.


Pet Fence

All fences are not created equal. The combination of the most technologically advanced Pet Stop equipment, and our training experience and commitment to excellence, leaves you with a fence that changes the lives and relationships of people and their pets! Browse a few of our many testimonials and you'll see. They don't just say, "Thanks, great job". Many exclaim that it is the best money ever spent, that it has saved their dog's life and that they and their pet are so much happier than before they purchased our system.

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Dog and Cat Grooming


We cater to cats as well as dogs, and offer a wide array of shampoos to treat sensitive skin, flea and tick problems, skunk odors, or just a conditioner for that extra silky feel! Prices vary per breed, so call for a quote today!


Canine Nutrition

The Oma's Pride raw blends are nutritionally balanced and complete for your pet's health. Primary recipes include Beef, Chicken, Salmon, & Tripe. Visit them at www.omaspride.com We also are a distributor of Dynamite Pet Foods for those that prefer dry kibble. www.dynamitemarketing.com/johngagnon