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Gooooo UCONN!!!!!

Updated: May 11, 2021

Jonathan the UConn Huskies mascot has found the resort! The UConn athletic club

has officially named Gagnon's Pet Resort as the only place that they will board or groom Jonathan! They also had our pet fence installed for him and he LOVES his newfound freedom! You can link to Jonathan's websites here! GO Huskies!

UCONN - Huskies Johnathan at John Gagnon's Pet Resort

A letter from Jonathan's handlers:

Hi John,

  I just wanted to give you an update about Jonathan. He is a totally different dog now that he has his electric fence. He does not pull as much and is better behaved at events. He enjoys his newfound freedom. He is doing very well on the new food too; he seems to really enjoy it. His coat still looks very good even after being groomed a month ago. I also wanted to comment on his behavior after we have picked him up from being in your care. When we last took him to get groomed at his previous groomer he would not listen to commands and did not seem happy at all. When I picked him up from your resort last month he was very happy, which made me very happy. I just wanted to thank you again for all your support!

We really appreciate all your help!

Chrissy B.


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