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New Year's Eve Safety Tips-

New Year's Eve safety tips-

While festive treats and gifts are probably making their way out of your home, the holiday season isn’t over just yet. We are counting down the days to the New Year—and new decade—but before you break out the noisemakers and champagne, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) wants to help you prepare for a fun and safe celebration with your pets with a few safety tips. The APCC Animal Poison Control Center's phone number is- (888)426-4435

Where’s the alcohol (and other substances)?For many people, New Year’s Eve and alcohol go hand in hand. But alcohol ingestion in pets can lead to depression, unsteady walking, vomiting, and in severe cases, a serious drop in blood pressure and body temperature. Depending on the type of alcohol, just one mixed drink could be fatal for a small dog.

Additionally, pets (dogs in particular) love to sniff out seasonal chocolates that may be filled with alcohol—so be sure to keep any and all alcoholic substances safe, secure and well out of paws’ reach.

In recent years, APCC continues to receive many calls about pets ingesting marijuana as it becomes legalized in many states. Marijuana in edible forms, such as in chocolates or brownies, is also becoming increasingly popular—meaning that the drug can be found by a curious pet who may be looking for some off-limits treats. Marijuana ingestion can cause your pet to become unsteady, sleepy and sensitive to touch. It can also cause a decrease in heart rate and body temperature. In rare cases, seizures and death may be possible. If you suspect that your pet ingested marijuana, contact a veterinarian or APCC right away, and always be sure to keep any marijuana or marijuana-related products up and away from your pets.

Fireworks: fun or frightening?

While Fourth of July celebrations are known for fireworks, APCC also receives calls about these potentially frightening noisemakers around New Year’s Eve. Always make sure your pet is safe, comfortable and has sanctuary away from the booming sounds of fireworks. Also bear in mind that dogs will eat almost anything—even if it does not seem like it would taste good! Be sure to monitor poppers, noisemakers and explosives before, during and after displays, and always keep a close eye on your pet to prevent any potential problems.

Expect the unexpected!

If you are planning a night out with family and friends to celebrate the new decade, your pet might be home alone with loud, confusing noises coming from outside. Before you head out, do a quick double-check around the house to make sure that all exits are secured, and do what you can to make your pet feel comfortable and safe in your home. We wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year!


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