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Things You Should Know About Kennel Cough

Kennel cough (infectious tracheobronchitis) is an upper respiratory infection.

There are many different viruses that can cause kennel cough, but typically multiple viruses together are needed to affect most dogs. This is why some dogs are affected more easily than others. A dog with a strong immune system may be able to resist multiple viruses, where a dog with a weaker immune system may become ill from exposure to just one or two.

Vaccination reduces the chance of contracting the disease, as it reduces the number of viruses that will affect your dog. The only way to prevent kennel cough is to never allow them to have contact with another dog.

Injectable vaccine needs two doses, 3-4 weeks apart, and immunization begins 2 weeks AFTER the second dose. Dog should not have contact with other dogs for two weeks after second injection.

Intranasal spray done once. Immunity begins 4 days later BUT dog can spread kennel cough in that period. Dog should not have contact with other dogs for seven days after vaccine.

Dogs are contagious for 2-14 days prior to showing symptoms, making it impossible to know at any given time if a dog is contagious.


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