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Saving One Dog at a Time! Dog Rescue is our passion. Our entire staff opens up their hearts, and often their homes to many dogs that have been "tossed aside." We work closely with many rescue groups, rehabilitating dogs that would not have a chance, coming to us is often "their last hope." We feel so grateful to be able to assist rescue groups in rehabilitating their dogs, turning their lives around brings us great joy & satisfaction. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the task because there are so many homeless dogs, but when a dog's devastating story is brought to us, not only do we jump right in, but our entire staff immediately jumps in too! Together, we will continue to change the life of one dog at a time!


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Time to meet a few friends  who desperately need loving, happy homes. If you are interested in meeting them, please contact Paws New England at



These are a few dogs waiting to be adopted.

paws marlin
Paws archer

We are not a rescue, but we work with many rescue groups helping them rehabilitate dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. Here is a list of some of the groups we have worked with. If you are looking to adopt a new furry family member, click on their link and see who is available-

Paws New England -                   

Little Guild of St. Francis -  

Double Dog Rescue -                    

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue -  

Sadie Mae Foundation -        

Animal Rescue Foundation -  

Connecticut Humane Society-             

Companion Pet Rescue-           

Kenways Cause Rescue - 

Save One Soul Rescue-

Passion 4 Paws-


Adopt a needy pet and please don't forget the seniors or special needs!... go to Pet Finder today-  and find the pet of your dreams!

We support CT Alliance for Humane Pet Shops


Launched in August 2013, CT Alliance for Humane Pet Shops is a network of animal welfare organizations and local businesses who are advocating for positive change in the pet shop industry.

Our primary goal is to establish state-level legislation to ensure that pet shops may only source their animals from rescues, shelters, and municipal pounds, instead of commercial breeders.

An estimated 95 – 99% of commercially-bred animals sold in pet shops come from puppy mills. Puppy mill breeders use unscrupulous practices to maximize profit with little concern for the welfare of the animals in their care. See our page on puppy mill facts for more information. We believe Connecticut’s pet shops can and should adopt ethical business models that do not include doing business with puppy mills. 

To learn more about CT Alliance for Humane Pet Shops please visit their

website at

CT Votes For Animals

Who are we? CVA envisions a future where all animals live in peace under the protection of strong laws. We work toward this vision by creating and improving Connecticut's laws and encouraging our elected leaders to make the well-being of animals their priority. We work with voters like you, legislators & other officials across CT government, and a hired lobbyist to introduce and pass pro-animal laws. We also fight the passage of harmful, inhumane laws. 

To learn more about CT Votes for Animals click the button

Here's what some of the rescue groups we work with are saying about us.

"Paws New England, quite honestly, could almost not exist without the assistance of John and his amazing team at the resort - super rescue friendly and in fact big proponents of rescue, they are always there when we need either a temporary spot for a dog or long-term. Our dogs are treated wonderfully and John and the behavior teams work tirelessly to help our dogs get "adoptable." We value John's opinion about behavior issues above anyone else. So thankful we've had a relationship with this wonderful establishment and the fantastic people that work there for almost 10 years now!!!"

Joanne Hutchinson


"This is not just a week of miracles, it is a week of NEW BEGINNINGS. We have been holding our breath, hoping, praying for BELLA. Yesterday we received word that BELLA IS GETTING ADOPTED! Today it's confirmed that JOHN GAGNON will deliver BELLA to her new home himself on Saturday to introduce her to her new family and get her settled in! We are forever grateful to everything that John Gagnon's Pet Resort has done for BELLA. Her trainers have spent a total of 7 weeks working with her and their efforts are paying off. BELLA IS FINALLY GOING TO HAVE THE FAMILY SHE DESERVES! Please share this success with your friends and let's give a big round of applause to JOHN GAGNON and his team!"

Passion 4 PawsThank you, 

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and Tom for all your help with a couple of our shelter dogs. A few months back we sent Doogie over and he was adopted shortly after he returned from "camp."Tom has also agreed to help with my favorite dog, Johnny. We have had him since last July and he has some real fear based issues but a heart of gold.We recently sent Nala, a very sweet but terrified pit bull. Tom said everyone at the Resort loved her and she made great progress. She was adopted this weekend and went home with her new family directly from your facility! This dog was about to be unnecessarily euthanized and she deserved so much better!Hi John,I can't thank you enough for the work you do for shelter and rescue dogs. It is truly life saving for them! Tom has been absoluetly awesome!"


Middletown ACOGail Petras



I just want to thank your wonderful staff members who were at the Jackson Chevy adoption event today in Middletown. Both of them knew Baloo well and helped to try to get people to properly greet him.  Having him greet your staff the way he did made my heart happy :)


Thanks, Sally Nolan



Check out our Testimonial page to read more testimonials from our clients!


The Rescuers

Unlike most days at the Rainbow Bridge, this day dawned cold and gray. All the recent arrivals at the Bridge did not know what to think, as they had never seen such a day. But the animals who had been waiting longer for their beloved people to accompany them across the Bridge knew what was happening, and they began to gather at the pathway leading to the Bridge.

Soon an elderly dog came into view, head hung low and tail dragging. He approached slowly, and though he showed no sign of injury or illness, he was in great emotional pain. Unlike the animals gathered along the pathway, he had not been restored to youth and vigor upon arriving at the Bridge. He felt out of place, and wanted only to cross over and find happiness.

But as he approached the Bridge, his way was barred by an angel, who apologized and explained that the tired and broken-spirited old dog could not cross over.

Only those animals accompanied by their people were allowed to cross the Bridge.

Having nobody, and with nowhere else to turn, the dog trudged into the field in front of the Bridge. There he found others like himself, elderly or infirm, sad and discouraged.

Unlike the other animals waiting to cross the Bridge, these animals were not running or playing. They simply were lying in the grass, staring forlornly at the pathway across the Rainbow Bridge. The old dog took his place among them, watching the pathway and waiting, yet not knowing what he was actually waiting for.

One of the newer dogs at the Bridge asked a cat who had been there longer to explain what was happening.

The cat replied, "Those poor animals were abandoned, turned away, or left at rescue places, but never found a home on earth. They all passed on with only the love of a rescuer to comfort them. Because they had no people to love them, they have nobody to escort them across the Rainbow Bridge."

The dog asked the cat, "So what will happen to those animals?" Before the cat could answer, the clouds began to part and the cold turned to bright sunshine.

The cat replied, "Watch, and you will see."

In the distance was a single person, and as she approached the Bridge the old, infirm and sad animals in the field were bathed in a golden light.

The animals who had previously gathered at the pathway bowed their heads as the person approached.They were all at once made young and healthy, and stood to see what their fate would be.

At each bowed head, the person offered a scratch or hug. One by one, the now youthful and healthy animals from the field fell into line behind the person.

Together, they walked across the Rainbow Bridge to a future of happiness and unquestioned love.

The dog asked the cat, "What just happened?"

The cat responded, "That was a rescuer. The animals gathered along the pathway bowing in respect were those who had found their forever homes because of rescuers. They will cross over when their people arrive at the Bridge. The arrival here of a rescuer is a great and solemn event, and as a tribute they are permitted to perform one final act of rescue. They are allowed to escort all those poor animals they couldn't place on earth across the Rainbow Bridge and into Heaven."

The dog thought for a moment, then said, "I like rescuers."

The cat smiled and replied, "So does heaven, my friend. So does heaven."

- Author Unknown People, pets are not disposable. New job, baby, moving, are not excuses to get rid of your pet.