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Hi John,

My name is Joan Perkins. I have an 8 month old dog named Ginger who attends daycare at your Pet resort. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the resort and the excellent staff you have. Ginger was left with her siblings in a bucket on a vets doorstep when she was only a newborn puppy (I talked my brother into taking a sister). Although my family and I were glad to get her, I had forgotten how much energy puppies have (and Ginger seems to be at the higher end of puppy energy). I needed a place that I could feel good about leaving her when we were gone rather than crate her for hours. I have definitely found that in John Gagnon's Pet resort. If I do not bring Ginger there for a few days, she will go to the car and sit next to the door as if asking me to take her there, and once at the building, she cannot get in the door fast enough. We have also boarded Ginger there a couple of times. The first time we went away I was worried about her as she was only 6 months old. I called after the first night and was immediately put to ease by the boarding staff informing me how great she did (and I could definitely tell that when I picked her up). The first person I see when I drop off Ginger is usually Jessica. She is always pleasant and happy to see Ginger. All of the staff I have met to date - Jessica, Kelly, & Tom are outstanding. They are all friendly and seem to treat the animals as if their own. I am sure the rest of the staff is just as caring as that seems to be a trait to be an employee there.


With sincere gratitude,

Joan Perkins


We adopted our dog Piglet (lab mix) approximately7 years ago from a rescue group in Colchester. She was definitely the low dog on the totem pole. The day they brought her to us they picked her up out of the vehicle and placed her on the ground. She stood there frozen and cross-legged until 5 minutes later she ran into her crate that we brought outside. After several weeks of her stay with us, I was beside myself because she wouldn't come out of her crate except to eat (when we weren't around) and didn't appear to be opening up to us - my son and I. She would go outside, only at night (she seemed to feel more secure in the dark), with my husband. He saw glimpses of the true dog she could be but I didn't. I brought her to you to be evaluated. I wasn't sure if this was the dog for our family. You taught us techniques to train her. Told us she had a lot in her to give and with patience and your techniques she could become a wonderful family pet. I wanted to tell you that she is the best dog I have ever had in my life. Practically self-training. She doesn't leave the yard (no fence yet she knows the boundries), comes immediately when we call, and has the most desire to please that I have ever seen. One of the many examples is, we started to raise chickens and after telling her once she never went after them again. I saw you on TV this morning promoting your pet rescue and it made me want to thank you for your honest evaluation and techniques to use that helped me be able to be patient and see through any rough spots of adopting a rescue animal. We feel very lucky to have our dog and hope to rescue again. We were only there once for the evaluation but it was an hour or so that changed my perspective on Piglet and encouraged me to keep trying. I'm sure you've had hundreds of animals to evaluate since. This was at your place on rt. 16. I have also attached a couple pictures of Piglet (named because she was such a timid animal). She has turned gray over the years but is the best dog ever.
Doreen Stanulonis


Hi John,I know that I have never really thanked you properly for everything you have done there for us. I am going to write this as a testimonial in case you can use it, if you can't that's ok too, I really mean it.I have known John Gagnon since we got our first dog in 1996. Over the years, John has sent condolences for beloved lost dogs, and has been there in times of crisis with our dogs. Most notably, when we adopted our dog Echo, the organization we were adopting from was unable to contact anyone to do a mandatory home inspection. The puppies were being taken from Pennsylvania to Maine, and we had the chance to pick her up as she came through Connecticut. John changed his schedule at the last minute to inspect our home and yard, and we were able to get her without a trip to Maine.

When we adopted Echo, she had immune system issues, and we were late socializing her. When trying to socialize her with a friend's dog, the situation turned a little ugly, and Echo ended up scared. I called John, and explained the situation. John suggested bringing her in on a quiet day for day care, and she's been attending happily for over two years now, and can handle social situations easily.

Last summer, I dropped the dogs off for day care while my husband had surgery. I was able to leave them with a tentative arrangement to spend the night if things ran later than I expected. The surgery did run later, and I was so grateful to be able to leave the dogs for the night and not have to worry about them.

Yesterday during the March 2010 flood, we found our family room with a half inch of water on the floor. I called the Dog Resort, and was able to bring the dogs in last minute so we could spend the night bailing. The bottom line is John Gagnon's pet resort is not just a nice place to bring your dog; it is a place with caring people who are there when you really need them. They are there with advice and help, and really care about the dogs. I am glad that they are so close here in Colchester. Who needs the dog whisperer when we have John Gagnon and his team!


Thank you to all!

Mary Ann Lewis



It's hard to believe that when we reached out to John Gagnon's Pet Resort in April 09 that we were considering giving up on our newly rescued dog because he was so unmanageable. Owen, a 1 ½ year old Rottweiler, clearly had a very limited and isolated beginning. He was never in a home, may never have been outside and had little exposure to other dogs and people. We welcomed Owen into our home on March 1, 2009. He was very underweight, not housebroken and terrified of everything. He would lunge at people and cars; he continually mouthed and barked at us. He was even barking at the oven. He would jump straight in the air and land on our 10 year old Rottweiler, Sampson. We had rescued rotties in the past and were surprised that we were having such a difficult time. Owen was under-socialized, very confused and fearful of his new world. We were concerned he might become aggressive because he was a bit unpredictable. We were recommended to John Gagnon from a local Pennsylvania rottie rescue. Desperate for help, exhausted and running out of options, we took the 5 hour drive to Colchester where John and his staff made a commitment to start socializing Owen. The second day Owen was at the pet resort we received a call with an update that Owen was quite the bully. Though, each day he seemed to behave better. The breakthrough happened when a 12 lb Pomeranian put him in his place. Some bully, Owen has been much more respectful of all dogs moving forward.

Owen spent only a week at the pet resort and he came home a changed dog. Instead of lunging at people in the house, he greets them at the door with a tennis ball in his mouth (whether we are home or not). He barks only occasionally now and since no one takes him seriously, he quickly stops. Occasionally he will still mouth us, but it is manageable.He has acquired a group of doggy and people friends and he enjoys daily morning walks with his new pals. He is the most loving and loyal dog and I can't imagine him not being in our lives. That said, we would not have this happy ending if it wasn't for all of the help we received from John and his staff, without them, this may not have been such a happy ending. We will always be eternally grateful for helping us give Owen a second chance.



Owen's family

Todd, Renee and Sampson



Hi John,

I am on my second electric fence and I just love them.The first was for a husky and a husky/Shepard mix and Darcy came back on many occasions to retrain those dogs.I now have a black lab and Darcy came and trained her with the fence as well and she never leaves the yard.The fences are the best investments I have ever made and the training and installation was great.


Thanks SO much,

Melissa Thomas


Dear John,

I've tried to write this countless times and every time cannot find words to explain how much you have done for our family. After losing Holly, I really did not think I would get another dog. Making the step to become a dog owner was very emotional for me. As a child, I'd been bitten by a dog and carried a very large fear although have always loved animals. However, my 7 year old has had a strong love for dogs his entire life. So there I am, looking on petfinder, horrified that so many dogs are there for adoption and crying at so many of their stories.

We finally decided on Holly, our black lab. While she loved the boys, she was an incredibly hyper dog and brought out some of my fear that I thought I'd conquered. I was really afraid to get another dog but the love that my boys had for her and the side of them that I loved seeing made me realize that I didn't want fear to rule my choices. That wasn't the behavior I wanted to model for my boys. Still, I probably wouldn't have been able to go through with it if you hadn't stepped in to find us Chloe and help me learn to take care of a dog. You could not have chosen a more perfect dog for us. She has incredible patience with the boys and with me. I can't thank you enough for her - not only am I learning to not be afraid, but am learning to really like living with a dog! We all love her.

Unfailingly, your love for dogs and what is best for them guides us in the choices that we make for Chloe. The most life changing for her, is the move to raw food. After countless vet visits, medications and diet changes, Chloe was still so sick. Some days, she didn't get up to play at all. Not knowing a lot about dogs, I didn't realize how this wasn't right. After all, my cats lay down all day long. Within days of switching to even part time raw, Chloe started to initiate play with us and our boys. Her change in energy level was amazing. Within two weeks, her stomach issues were gone. She would get tired on a mile walk and is now running with my husband for 2 or 3 miles at a time and still coming home ready to play. The only change was to her diet and the change is remarkable. She is now cleared from needing a colonoscopy and endoscopy to try and diagnose what is wrong with her stomach. It feels like we have a puppy.

Not only has the raw food diet changed her life, but so has attending your daycare. The extra effort you put in to help dogs is amazing. Her confidence grows each time she attends. Prior to this experience, I would probably not have considered day care for a dog. Now, I find myself recommending it to everyone. The love that your staff and you show for Chloe and all the dogs is amazing. She is excited to come to daycare from the minute we get off the exit and she realizes that she is in Colchester. I will recommend your resort to everyone I know.I don't know if you realize what a gift you have given our family, not only in helping us with Chloe but also showing me the need to adopt rescues. We will never get a dog that is not a rescue ever, nor will any of our cats come from anywhere else. Thank you so much for all you do.




P.S. Any chance of opening a Pet Resort II closer to home???


I hope all is well with you and your family. It has been a long time since we have had contact. I will try to make this as brief as possible, although so much could be said. Jola had to stop at the Pet Resort today to get batteries for the collars. She then got onto the website and we both read the letter about Payton. We were sorry to hear of your loss, but happy for all the great things Payton brought to you, which leads me to the reason for this email. In every persons life, there are things they will never forget. For me, it was one day in the Colchester gym, when we met several years after high school. After the usual small talk, we spoke about what you do. In that conversation, you asked me if I had a dog. I did not. Your next statement, I will NEVER forget. "Everyone should have a dog". At the time I didn't understand the statement, and basically said no way. After consideration, first came Sheena in September of 2000, and then Felix in December of the same year, both, thanks to you. I can only say THANK YOU!!. It has been life changing. Absolutely for the better. We have gained and learned so much from them. We cant imagine our lives without them.


Take care.Keep up the good work.


"When Gus, our pitbull/boxer mix, was three months old, we fed him Iams Smart Puppy kibble. But at about 6 months, he developed chronic diarrhea. We switched to a mixture of boiled hamburger, rice, cottage cheese, and later to cottage cheese with Pet promies gluten-free, hormone-free kibble. Even with the new mixtures, Gus frequently had loose stools. He was also finicky, seldom finishing his food, which would attract the cats to his bowl. We'd hide his food and try again later. He never showed any interest in leftovers, so a lot of food was thrown away.

Saying that Gus "enjoyed" John Gagnon's RAW food doesn't even come close. He devoured his first raw meal without any side effects. We're now feeding him two 12-ounce portions each day and the portions disappear in abou 20 seconds on average (yes we've timed him). His appetite is outstanding. He'll eat as much as we give him-we have not discarded even the tiniest scrap, which makes the RAW food a better value than anything else. It's also infinitely easier to clean up after Gus because his stools are now healthy and firm.



I have been a client of John Gagnon's Pet Resort since 2005 and I cannot say enough good things about John, the staff and the exceptional facility. We installed John's pet fence in 2005 and it was one of the best investments we've ever made. After only a few initial sessions with Darcy and now three years later, my dogs have not tested the fence once but instead enjoy the freedom in our yard while we enjoy the peace of mind. My oldest lab Bailey will sit and watch the tennis ball roll over the fence line and he's completely ball obsessed! I have boarded my dogs at the resort a few times and know they are in good hands with all of their needs are met. I take my dogs to daycare a few times a week and I am always greeted by a friendly, familiar face and just love watching my dogs run to the back door in excitement and the way they interact with Tom when he brings them out to me at the end of the day! Thank you John, Darcy, Tom, Jess, and your entire wonderful staff!


We'll be a client for many more years to come and will continue to refer friends and family.

-Jennifer Barrett, Hebron

"Dear John Gagnon and Darcy Meo Snow, We are so happy with the PetStop fence for our dogs. Our home is nestled on 10 acres of land with woods completely surrounding our home. Our two dogs have plenty of space to play but were beginning to go further and further into the woods and eventually out of sight. For safety reasons, we decided to invest in an invisible pet fence and chose the PetStop fence through your company. The fence was installed professionally and perfectly. The boundaries allow plenty of space for my dogs to still play in the woods while keeping them safe and within our sight. Darcy was wonderful in instructing us through the training process. She is excellent in her expertise and has a comfortable training style. I have two dogs, Shamrah and Murphy, and each had to be trained according to their different individual personalities. The PetStop fence allows the settings for each collar to be customized depending on the dog's personality. Not all companies have this feature and it is an important feature to have for a successful result when you have two dogs with totally different personalities. We are very satisfied and extremely happy with our investment. It is so wonderful to be able to let our dogs out knowing that they will stay safely within the boundaries of the fence and have plenty of space to play. We always recommend John Gagnon's Pet Resort for kenneling, daycare, and for what you did to help my rescued dog, Murphy. The PetStop fence is another recommendation that we can add to our list.


Thank you so much for all that you have done for us!
Kathy & Dave Knox


"Fenway came home clean, tired and happy! We will definitely use your services again! As a foster family for a rescue orginization we will definitely mention your facility to adoptive families. We liked to see her "Report Card" too!" 

John and Sue Bradley


"We loved being able to call from our vacation spot and check on our pet! Our only concern was we may have called too often but everyone encouraged us to keep calling. We felt very comfortable with our pet at your resort and can't thank you enough for all of the professional and caring attention you gave to Bailey." 
Chuck and Betty Lou Longo


"My fence needed a repair and my original pet containment company told me I'd have to wait one week for service. You were out to us the next morning. Wonderful service!" 
Marcia Rush


"I board Rudy (15 years old), Lola (12 years old) and Joey (1 year old) at John Gagnon's. They get to stay together in the same kennel which makes them feel more secure. If they can't be home with me then the friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff at the Pet Resort is the next best thing to home. "
Jody Macrina, Protectors of Animals


"Darcy was informative, personal and friendly. She always came with a smile ready to work with my dog and me. She answered all of my questions about the fence and even other dog training questions I had about my new puppy. I felt like she really cared about the success of me and my dog using the fence properly for the lifetime of my dog." 

Kristy H. Jadlos


"John Gagnon's Pet Resort is exactly that. Your pet gets to play with others and not be locked in a cage all day. It's fun to be checking your dog in and have them happily go off with the staff and obviously be looking forward to their stay. It takes the stress out of going on vacation.

After all, none of us wants to leave our "children" behind!"
Sandy Martin


"I knew I had found a great place when while I was waiting to check my dogs in-I saw people bringing their dogs to daycare and every dog was so excited to be there. They couldn't wait to have their leashes off to run to the staff. You have a very competent and caring staff! I will highly recommend your services to everyone I know who has dogs!

Thank you for taking such good care of our pets!" 
MaryAnn Conte


"Our dog, Ernie, loves daycare. He has a great time, and comes home happy and exhausted and ready to go back the next day!" 
Judie Canavan


"Our Pet Stop experience was great! Training was easier than we expected and it's a great feeling to see our 10 month old Labradoodle FLYING around the yard and getting lots of exercise!" 
Jennifer Stratten


"The fence has been a God send. I don't worry about Bella running off. Darcy always returned our calls within 24 hours. We look forward to having her and Casper back in the Spring to help Bella learn to go on walks to the river with us! Thanks Darcy, you rock!" 
Susan Favro, Bozrah


"My dogs love the attention and love they receive at John Gagnon's Pet Resort. I'm jealous of how much they get!"
Kim Alberto


"Our experience with John Gagnon's Pet Resort has been a very pleasant one. I compared the Invisible Fence Co.® with John Gagnon's Pet Stop® Program. John's program was very simple and comparatively priced. I appreciated the fact that John's focus was on my dog-not on the technology of the fence. Darcy was very prompt in scheduling our installation appointment. The installer had the fence in before I knew it and without any yard disruption. Darcy's training session perfectly coincided with the installation. Sammy's training went well and she was quick to call and check up on us and returned promptly to "turn up" the fence (that Sammy had seemed to have mastered.) We have been very happy with the fence and the customer care from John Gagnon's Pet Resort and more importantly Sammy is very happy...now if they could just come up with something to keep him from grabbing all those shoes! " 
Connie Fabian.


"John, About a year ago you came to our house to give us much needed help, as our dog Prince wanted to kill our cat. Look how far we've come! At least the Queen is kind enough to let ole' Prince use a little of HIS bed. Thanks again and Happy New Year," 
Phil & Donna Delaney


"Overall I am very pleased with John Gagnon's Pet Resort. Hannah always comes home looking great and I feel she is treated well. She never objects." 
Melanie Talbot


"I had a great experience with your company, as I always have in the past. You have a great staff and do a great job with the animals. Keep up the great work!" 
Kim Doubleday


"The classes were very eye opening on dog training. I never thought that having an obedient pet could be so easy with the right training. Thank you," 
Jim, Nancy and Jazmine Dugas

"John Gagnon’s Pet Resort is the next best thing to being in your own home! The facility is immaculate and the staff, very courteous, well-trained and professional. Labs4Rescue quite often boards our labs there, until a foster home or adopter can be identified. Our labs are so well cared for, and enjoy the activity and interactions of the daycare. The staff truly treats each of our labs as if they are a member of their own family. The training that John has provided to our labs has been invaluable, and the care he has taken with each lab, has helped to turn many of our labs into the perfect family member. Thanks John!"
Cathy Mahle, Director, Labs4Rescue


"I was very impressed with the service. No other kennel offers as much (if any) playtime and ensures that my dog eats as you do."

Kimberly Alberto


"John Gagnon's Pet Resort is the best pet facility I have ever heard of or been in. The staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I know Olive loves it because of they way she "frolics" in the back seat of the car the MINUTE we pull into the driveway! She knows where we are and she gets so happy!" 
Kim Reale




"In the first two minutes I knew you were a special kind of person, just from Tucker's reaction. Tucker, a reserved kind of boy except with his family, immediately wagged his tail to you and came in for a hug. When he put his paws on your shoulder for a kiss, I was amazed, since he almost never kisses or gets up off the floor. But then he gave you the most amazing gift of all, something I have only just started to see him do in the last few months. Tucker put his head down and tucked it into your chest, leaning in for some quiet loving. Wow. I knew Tucker had accepted you and would be able to work with you. I can't tell you how moving it was to talk with someone like you who can really see Tucker for what he is, for saying things to me that make sense with what I see in him. Always before trainers had offered suggestions that just didn't ring true for Tucker, and I didn't trust doing what they recommended. I feel like Tucker finally has a true ally in addition to his family, and frankly, I had a good cry in the waiting room. I understand it is possible that there is no cure for Tucker's problems. I appreciate your honesty in telling me you may not be able to fix this. I am just so glad to finally have a clear understanding of the problem and the work we need to do.Thank you so much for your advice. I know you have touched the lives of many boxers. I am so grateful you found the time to help one more." 
Amy Landau


"After the first few days of having our rescued black lab Sasha we decided she was in desperate need of some training! I looked on-line and got a recommendation for the Pet Resort. I never would have imagined that in 7 hours of classes she could have changed so drastically. She has amazed us with her intelligence and your trainer helped us to bring that out in her. Thank you!" 

Heather Collettir


"I wanted to socialize my dog, increase her confidence and give her some work. I liked that class was small and the trainer's acceptance of my dog's trouble (fear). Your trainer took time to reach out to her and was nice and helpful." 
Margaret Meskill


"I'm thrilled with the Pet Stop® Fence! My dog learned the boundaries quickly and I'm so happy he has the freedom to run around the yard without being chained up."
Dana Durrua


"We have been very pleased with boarding services. We especially like the report card and knowing that our dogs are given attention and have time in play group. We also appreciate that their bedding has been washed if it has gotten soiled before it is returned to us." 
Anne Dente


"Cooper & Austin are just as excited to visit the resort as they are to see us when we return. That is a good feeling for us to know that our dogs like where they are staying." 
Jennifer Day & David Johnson


"John has known our dog Shaq since she was a puppy. John and his staff always treated Shaq and us in a professional & courteous manner. We have used John Gagnon's Pet Resort for training, grooming, and boarding services and have never had anything but world class service from the entire staff."
Timothy Fannon


"I'm impressed with the staff's efficiency and attention to detail. I also appreciate the personal care my dog receives at every visit. I especially like the report cards." 
Laura Dietz


"Joey loves going to John Gagnon's Pet Resort. He has friends there and everybody loves him! How wonderful is that! Thank you John, you run a wonderful place." 
Laurie Lopez


"We've been taking our dog to daycare since you first opened because it lets him be more active than he can be at home. The grooming services are terrific- especially for our cats. Good, local boarding for dogs and cats is a godsend. Prices are reasonable too, I couldn't ask for better pet care." 
Joellen Holcombe


"As usual we felt confident leaving our girls in your hands. Our dogs are a big part of our family and it is difficult to leave them. But at John Gagnon's Pet Resort we know they are well taken care of." 
Holli LaBarbera