​​"Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend." -- Corey Ford


Training is much more than practicing a series of learning exercises with your dog. Training your dog means developing your relationship and communication together. Here at the resort, we teach dogs through behavior management and positive reinforcement. While we do not focus on punishing behaviors that we don't want, we do ensure that those behaviors are not rewarding for the dog. Proper socialization is also a very big, and often overlooked, factor in your dogs training. While each dog is evaluated and trained according to their individual personality, our primary training philosophy is behavior management and positive reinforcement. We have four experienced trainers on staff so we can meet your dog's specific training needs!


*We are a licensed and insured training facility in the State of Connecticut.





Private In-Home Training



Sadhana, Katie, and Amanda do private in-home training sessions for those clients that are looking to work on a specific negative behavior your dog is exhibiting. For in home obedience training the charge is $150.00. If you are looking to work on reactive/fear issues  your dog may have, the charge is $200.00 per session. There will be a travel fee if traveling over 20 miles.

If your dog is fearful/reactive and would like to work with a trainer please fill out the form and one of our trainers will contact you. 




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Beginner Basic Obedience



This is a 5 week class for dogs of all ages who could use improved listening skills at home or in public. It is designed to improve communication between you and your dog, helping you to understand why your dog does the things he does, and helping your dog to better understand what you want from him or her. Class size is limited for safe social distancing. Obedience classes are taught by our obedience trainer Jo-Ann.

Basic commands taught include sit, down, stay, leash walking, leave it, and come when called.

*No dog's should attend class on week 1.

Classes are one hour long, one night per week, for 5 weeks unless otherwise noted, total fee is $175.00 per dog.

Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Classes are four classes that meet every other week at 9:00 am, on Saturday twice a month. Weather permitting. This class focuses on taking your beginner basic skills to the next level! The ultimate goal is to be able to have your dog "off leash" trained, and this class gets you moving in that direction. Some classes are held in public places to help simulate the environments that you have your dog in.


This is a limited class to 8 dogs per class to ensure individual attention.


Classes are one hour long, every other Saturday, over a six week period, total fee is $125.00 per dog.

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Canine Good Citizen Class

Canine Good Citizen Certification is a program to promote responsible dog ownership and to encourage the training of well-mannered dogs.  Canine Good Citizenship is a 5 week class taught by Jo-Ann or Amanda.


It is $175.00 which includes the test fee.

Upcoming Training Classes- 

Basic Obedience Training Class-  Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 9:00 am.

Basic Obedience Training Class-  Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 10:30 am.

Basic Obedience Training Class-  Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 7:15 pm.

Basic Obedience Training Class- Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 7:15 pm.


Canine Good Citizen Certification- Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 7:15 pm. 


Basic Obedience Training Class- Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 9:00 am.

Basic Obedience Training Class- Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 10:30 am.

Obedience Classes fill up very quickly so sign up today!


Here's what some of our training clients had to say

"The entire experience with both the obedience classes and the daycare has been nothing short of stellar! Our boy is a 16 month old, 165 pound English Mastiff who can be a lot to handle due to his size and the fact that he loves everyone and wants to play non-stop. The staff there is fantastic with him, super friendly, and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience! Our boy came home exhausted after a day of fun playing with his newfound friends!!"

Cynthia Thompson

"I've taken a few dogs to the training classes here, and I'm always delighted with the outcome! I never cease to be amazed that I require as much training/retraining as my dogs. Most recently, my rescue pup Elvis learned quickly and continues to impress people with the manners he learned there. Time allowing, I'm hoping to bring him back for additional classes! It's a great environment for dogs and people too, with very capable staff!"

Mary Beth Barbee


"I had John come to my house for training with my dog, and I have seen great results! My dog has also almost completed the obedience training and I have seen such great results. Truly a great “business”. The trainers are professional and clearly are great at their job, which I can see in my dog!! I’m so happy with them and would highly recommend to anyone!"

Madison Reinhard

"John is a top notch trainer and compassionate."

Mich Rabushka


"The Canine Good Citizen class was great. I enjoy training with my dog. At times I got frustrated but I learned a lot and my dog is always wanting more. I will be back for other classes in the future." 

Jennifer Paradis

"Basic obedience class was very helpful. I learned quite a bit about positive reinforcement. I also liked that they did not push the intermediate training right away. They understand that you need to really work with your dog on basics so they'll be successful and ready for next level of training."

Maryann Orlowski

"I had an excellent experience at John Gagnon's Pet Resort. Sadie and I took the basic and intermediate obedience classes. My goal was primarily socialization as Sadie was not able to interact with unfamiliar dogs. The intermediate class was individualized to meet the needs of each dog. We are now able to hike with large groups of dogs and attend a dog park. I highly recommend these classes."

Barbara Wagenbrenner

"Extremely friendly and extremely knowledgeable, we highly recommend John Gagnon's for training. They did an awesome job with Max!"

Patricia Ulin

“The beginner dog (puppy, in my case) training was very good and productive. And now, Lucy the puppy mentioned above, enjoys her outings at doggy day care whenever she can. We thank you for the fun!”

Patricia D.

"Fantastic pet care/play/training facility. We had puppy classes there - this is the best behaved dog we have ever owned. He loves to go to daycare for a treat, and when boarded, he is well taken care of."

Mary Barber

"I joined the puppy class for seven weeks I totally enjoyed my experience with the trainer I was impressed at the cleanliness of the facility and the helpful employees at the desk. The trainer took time and answered everyone's questions and knew what they were talking about which was very impressive I will definitely be taking more classes with them! I also like that they limit the number of dogs in a class so everyone has individual specialized training."

Karen Corsi-Wolmer


"We had a great time. Eva dad well and we kept teaching her commands and tricks. Eva is up to 30+ now. the trainer did a great job at teaching us how to teach our pup. Would love to take another class next year. I think it would be good for both of us."

Dawn Porter


"I brought Maggie in for barking, and behavior issues for an evaluation. John took her right away, and put me at ease. A phone call in the afternoon, saying she was out playing, behaving. We suggested maybe boarding overnight, and playing the next day,(I live 1 hr. Away) she's never been away from home, so I felt bad leaving her, john calmed all my nerves again. Next day another call from john, she was fine. A video followed. Anybody that knows Maggie was surprised to see how well she behaved, but mostly the way John was so calming as he spoke to her. I am sorry I live an hr. Away, would be going for a weekly play group. Thank you to the whole team, right down to the front desk staff."

Karen Pollio

 "My lab puppy Benny and I completed basic obedience with the trainer last evening. Benny is my third Labrador, and in the past I had employed an individual trainer who was the Canine Handler for the Hartford Police (and lives and trains in Lebanon). However, none of my prior labs adapted to the training so quickly, and Benny is being very responsive and enjoys the training. The difference is in the trainer, not the dog since the other labs were bright and affectionate. A friend in Lebanon had recommended your facility for training because prior to attending, her dog would not come when called and had run away for days. I am going to sign up for the intermediate when it becomes available again (I cannot start this Saturday). Then Benny will go on to the Canine Good Citizen training. The trainer was an excellent, and Benny really enjoyed going to class."

Nancy A. Brouillet


My husband and I have been lucky to be able to rescue 5 German Shepherd over the years.   We needed some help with our current dog - Lola who started to exhibit stress behaviors (excessive licking, barking etc.) and would no longer want to be outside to play ball after we had to say goodbye to Rex our 14.5 year old shepherd.  We tried to adopt another rescue to help Lola get over her loss, however, she would not stop barking at the rescue dog so we were not able to adopt him.  We were at a loss on how to deal with these issues so we started looking for help.  Lola is currently 6 years old and has never been alone since we rescued her at 7 months old.   To add to Lola's issues she was attacked by 3 dogs when she was young and she no longer had Rex to make her feel protected.  Most dog classes are for puppies and since Lola was 6 years old she was not a fit for any of the organizations we contacted.  John Gagnon's Pet Resort was the only organization we found that was happy to work with Lola.  Within the first session that Lola had with the trainer he was able to quickly identify the root of Lola's issue, she had a fear of other dogs since the loss of Rex.   I was surprised to see the change in Lola when we picked her up after her assessment with a trainer.  Through his awesome training techniques he was able to get her so that she was comfortable being in the daycare area with other dogs.  As he suggested Lola went to daycare 3 more times in the next 2 weeks -  your staff was amazing in making sure that she was comfortable being in the daycare area.  Lola and I then had a personal training session that was awesome!!  I learned how to handle Lola when other dogs approached her and learned what signs to watch for to ensure that introductions go well.  I was feeling so confident about how she was doing that I took her to a dog park after our training session - it was great.  Lola has been going to the dog park now and is actually starting to play with her ball again.  


Lola & Karen Potterton


Hi John,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with a couple of our shelter dogs. A few months back we sent Doogie over and he was adopted shortly after he returned from "camp." 
Recently we sent Nala, a very sweet but terrified pit bull. The trainer said everyone loved her and she made great progress at your Resort. She was adopted this weekend and went home with her new owner directly from your facility! This dog was about to be unnecessarily euthanized and she deserved so much better.
The trainer has also agreed to help with my favorite dog, Johnny. We've had him at the shelter since July and he has some real fear based issues but a heart of gold.
I can't thank you enough for the work that you do for shelter and rescue dogs. It is truly life saving for them! The Resort has been absolutely awesome!

Middletown ACO
Gail Petras



I just finished watching Donovan's video and have to say you are a true dog whisperer. Not only due to how calm Donovan was with all the dogs in the video, but to have every dog there so relaxed, and with so many of them there. I also can't thank you and John enough for letting Donovan come to daycare to be evaluated and not automatically writing Donovan off as "aggressive" or "reactive". Your assessment was right on the mark when you said it was the dogs who gave unclear signals that he was targeting. It made so much sense. (Given his history of a pitbull mix attacking and trying to kill him when he was around 6-7 months old, I have to wonder whether that trauma has been playing a part in this.) But what amazed me is that you were the one to identify and recognize what was going on with him where other trainers that are nationally and internationally known did not. That is not to criticize or put them down, but just to speak to your very astute and perceptive ability to read dogs. To me this says you have a special talent and gift in this area of the subtleties of dog behavior and interaction. I mean, no one else saw or identified this, and I've gone to another aggression specialist,  so this is very big! I'm someone who needs to know why a person or animal is behaving the way they are. Therefore even if it turned out Donovan was not appropriate for daycare,  I would still be thankful to have more understanding of his behavior.

The video is awesome by the way, and such a nice thing to have. Thank you for doing that. Once again I can't thank you enough for giving Donovan a chance and for your help with this. I only wish I had found out about your place earlier. I can't speak highly enough of you, the staff, and your facility. Oh, and by the way, when I read on your website that John has no tolerance for people who don't love dogs and thinks people who don't love dogs have a character flaw, I knew this was the place for me. Barbara

"The training taught us a lot about our dog. The training has made him more manageable and enjoyable. All the tricks the trainers teach the owners are very helpful as well." 
Kellie Pipicelli

 "I liked the small class size, 6-7 dogs and the way the trainer used her students for demonstrations. Very confident dog trainers, both in obedience class and in daycare. I feel very comfortable leaving my dog there for boarding too. Very upbeat and friendly staff! " 
Carol Majewski

 "We particularly liked the atmosphere and attitude in class. Since we have completed our training, Alice, our Clumber Spaniel, is very alert to our commands and seems more "in tune" with us. Well worth the time and effort!" 
David Lewis

"Dear John, 
In the first two minutes I knew you were a special kind of person, just from Tucker's reaction. Tucker, a reserved kind of boy except with his family, immediately wagged his tail to you and came in for a hug. When he put his paws on your shoulder for a kiss, I was amazed, since he almost never kisses or gets up off the floor. But then he gave you the most amazing gift of all, something I have only just started to see him do in the last few months. Tucker put his head down and tucked it into your chest, leaning in for some quiet loving. Wow. I knew Tucker had accepted you and would be able to work with you.I can't tell you how moving it was to talk with someone like you who can really see Tucker for what he is, for saying things to me that make sense with what I see in him. Always before trainers had offered suggestions that just didn't ring true for Tucker, and I didn't trust doing what they recommended. I feel like Tucker finally has a true ally in addition to his family, and frankly, I had a good cry in the waiting room. I understand it is possible that there is no cure for Tucker's problems. I appreciate your honesty in telling me you may not be able to fix this. I am just so glad to finally have a clear understanding of the problem and the work we need to do. Thank you so much for your advice. I know you have touched the lives of many boxers. I am so grateful you found the time to help one more." 


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