Dog Daycare


Welcome to Connecticut's FIRST AND LARGEST doggie daycare! One of the most common contributors to every day behavior problems at home is lack of social activity. Let's see what we can do about that! Our daycare is another reason why our client's choose our premier dog kennel in Connecticut.



Here's what you get from us.

  1.  A building floor plan designed for your dog's safety, and social, as well as physical comfort.

  2.  Policies that allow your dog to...well, be a dog. Be relaxed. Have fun. And look forward to his day ahead, rather than waiting anxiously for your return.

  3.  A committed staff that feels that while your pet is with us, they're our pet too. See our boarding page for the complete story!

  4. We also have a private cat boarding area so your cats can relax and enjoy their vacation with us.

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Dog Training

Training is much more than practicing a series of learning exercises with your dog. Training your dog means developing your relationship and communication together. Here at the resort, we teach dogs through behavior management and positive reinforcement. While we do not focus on punishing behaviors that we don't want, we do ensure that those behaviors are not rewarding for the dog. Proper socialization is also a very big, and often overlooked, factor in your dogs training. We offer in home training, private sessions at the resort, group obedience classes, Canine Good Citizen certification, we specialize in reactive/fearful dogs as well as basic obedience. 




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Pet Grooming, Dog bath, clean dog, dog nail trim, dog and cat grooming

Dog & Cat Grooming

We cater to cats as well as dogs, and offer a wide array of shampoos to treat sensitive skin, flea and tick problems, skunk odors, or just a conditioner for that extra silky feel! Prices vary per breed, so call for a quote today!

Canine Nutrition


We sell and offer to our boarding clients  Dynamite Pet Foods for those that prefer a dry kibble-



"We boarded our 11 year old dog for a week. We were very anxious about leaving him. The staff went out of their way to be reassuring and compassionate. They spent time on the phone when we called to check and we’re so kind particularly when I know they were short staffed that week. The grooming staff did a beautiful job on our dog. That is the best grooming job he has ever had."

Patricia Harkins

"We LOVE Gagnons!!! For grooming, boarding and Daycare. Lucy, my puppy daughter, can’t wait to go see the staff and puppies! And, it’s a huge help to me, much better than hiring a dog walker, I get dog socialization and people socialization. Both in a safe, caring environment!"

Kris Grossman Barnard

"Hands down the best pet resort around. They welcome my wild furry friend with patience, comfort and love each and every visit. Their prices are affordable their staff do a tremendous job keeping all of the dogs safe while they learn and have fun."

Lindsey Donelin

"My two dogs, Bella and Henry, love 💕 going Gagnon's. They come home happy, tired and in great health. The staff is wonderful and I never worry when I leave my babies there for a day or for a week. They groomers are wonderful and the babies look great when they come home. Thank you all for taking care of my kids for me! You all have big hearts 💕🥰 and love for pets."

Cheri Bausum

"I’m all about Gagnon’s Pet Resort. They greet you with happiness and treat you and your pet like best friends. Millie enjoys going there and it takes two days to recover from all the playtime activities. They also have grooming services as well as boarding which Millie has experienced without any issues. They truly care about your furry friend and welcome all with open arms. I feel confident when I leave her here knowing that she will play and meet new friends. Coming back for my weekly visit. See you soon!"

Julia Avery


"We have taken our two labs to Gagnon’s for 5 years , for boarding , grooming and day care. My pups can’t wait to get inside and the staff is always so welcoming and friendly . I would highly recommend , it is always hard to board your dogs but I know they are being well cared for which gives me great piece of mind."

Margaret Zawilinski

"It is amazing to see how much the staff at Gagnon’s Pet Resort love animals! My Bernedoodle Coco had an amazing grooming experience and my two “granddoggers” who are also Bernedoodles are so happy to go back for their boarding experiences!!"

Wendy Peters


"I’ve used John and his staff for grooming, daycare, electric fence install & training, and for an at home training session. I’m always impressed with the professionalism, and the care and concern they have for my pets. You can feel confident about choosing John Gagnon’s Pet Resort for assistance in caring for your furry family members too!"


"I have been using Gagnon's pet resort for years.I have always felt comfortable leaving my dog there knowing he is in good hands. Any special requests or concerns I may have are always addressed. I also use their grooming service ,which is also outstanding. I travel a great distance to bring my dog there when I need to board him, but it is well worth the peace of mind I get knowing his is being properly cared for."

Jason Carey

"Clearly -this is the canine place to be. All 3 of mine love to come here. We use it for daycare, grooming, and boarding. We have also used them to have our underground electric fence put in, have the dogs trained on it, used training services from there- and actually even met one of our rescued doggies when he was staying at the resort. Gagnons is a wonderful - all encompassing place to meet your doggie needs. I never worry when they are staying there - I can tell they feel like it is a second home... when I pull into the parking lot they light up and wiggle - and then drag me inside to go see their friends:) I have used them for about 15 years and over 4 dogs now.... and am grateful to have them as my go-to :)"

Cari Fortin

"Brand new puppy's first kennel and doggie daycare experience, although not my first dog to go to Gagnon's. Wow have things grown in the last 20 years...but what hasn't changed is the love and care of the dogs! They were great! Sent me a quick email update on Cricket's first day that put my mind at ease. Cricket was so excited for her next visit that she didn't even give me a second look when she bounced her way in!"

Zippybean Pugliese

"I chose Gagnon's Pet resort after reading the reviews and taking a tour of their facility. I would highly recommend them for the care they give to all their clients pets. You can feel comfortable leaving your pet in their hands. They also have a wonderful day care. Their prices are very reasonable."

Jason Carey

"We absolutely trust and love using Gagnon's pet resort. They are always going above and beyond to assist us any way they can. We have been a customer with them for many many years (16-17). We have used the boarding facilities, grooming and day care. John and his amazing staff have been assisting us with one of our dogs having fearful aggression issues. I totally recommend their services. They are totally worth the very little extra $$. I feel their prices are fare and reasonable for the service you get."

Tracy Donnestad


"I wouldn't trust my dogs with anyone else. Our dog just came home from a 6 dag stay which for her included boarding, grooming and doggy day care. She had a great time and is exhausted. She's been sleeping for two days :) When you call to check on your dog you get a detailed report, which is reassuring!"

Katharine Ahlgren

"I have nothing but praise for John Gagnon and the staff at Gagnon’s Pet Resort. John went above and beyond to help one of my dogs who presented with behavioral issues, and was adaptive and creative with his efforts to help her. The staff are always helpful, patient, and kind. There are places closer to where I live where I could take my dogs for care and boarding, but I go the extra mile because I trust the care my dogs receive at Gagnon’s, and they are happy there."

Anne Fraley

"We have 4 'lively' dogs. We've used Gagnon's for training, daycare, and boarding. Our dogs LOVE going!! It truly is a resort for pets! They play, they are well taken care of. The staff is fantastic! We've also had our dogs groomed and the look so nice and smell so good!! We recommend them to all of our friends and family!"

Rosemary LN


"We have used Gagnon's Pet Resort for several years for training, day care, boarding and grooming and are very pleased with how they treat our 2 girls. With the training aspect we have had behavioral issues with some rescue dogs that we adopted and with time and patience the issues were resolved with the tools that we learned. When boarding our girls we have been pleased with the care and concern and treatment that they receive. Daycare is one of the best things that we do for our border collie / Australian shepherd mix. And when we have our white and brown hound / lab mix groomed she comes out whiter and smoother than ever and her nails are perfect. The staff are like the icing on the cake - always pleasant and thorough."

Pat Przywara


"We love John Gagnon's for our dogs! We've had 3 dogs that love their services to include boarding, doggy daycare, grooming and training. The employees are great - from the front desk, grooming, daycare, boarding... I love that our dogs and the staff are happy to see each other each time they return. They always take great care of our four legged family members and we know they're in great hands. It's the only place we trust with our dogs and have been going there for nearly 10 years. I'd highly recommend the Pet Resort!"

Sara Perez

"We have 4 'lively' dogs. We've used Gagnon's for training, daycare, and boarding. Our dogs LOVE going!! It truly is a resort for pets! They play, they are well taken care of. The staff is fantastic! We've also had our dogs groomed and the look so nice and smell so good!! We recommend them to all of our friends and family!"

Rosemary LN

"Gagnon's Pet Resort provides great accommodations, special attention to food preferences, well-managed dog daycare, and most importantly - kind and caring staff. I won't take my fur kids anywhere else!"~ Sarah Levine


"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Gagnon's pet resort. We started with puppy classes, had them install our fence, use them for daycare, and for grooming. Our dog gets so excited to go there, even when he's getting groomed! He's a golden doodle, so a good grooming is really important, Angel our groomer, does a fabulous job!! If you go to Gagnon's, I promise you will not be disappointed."

MaCyn Parady

"Gagnon's Pet Resort is absolutely amazing and this comes from a very overbearing dog mom! They are patient and truly knowledgeable. When I bring my pup in they know her and her quirks. My dog is very shy and without Gagnon's and his staff's help, she wouldn't be where she is today! My parent see her every few months since they aren't close by, and every time they see her, they compliment her on her progress. She was a dog that was afraid of everything...wouldn't even grab toys out of her toy box and now, she has come out of her shell so so much. We live about 30 minutes away from the resort, and we make the effort to drive her there for daycare and of course, for boarding. They are extremely patient, even if you have a million questions, and everyone there adores the animals. I leave her there with confidence, which is not easy for me, as she means the world to me. Great place, and great staff. Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do!"

Jenifer Llorens


"I have used Gagnon's for over 10'years for all my beloved dogs - day care, kennel, grooming and fencing. My three dogs are loved and cared for by the entire staff - this is only facility I trust and use for my furry family. I highly recommend for any beloved pet. (I currently have three bully breed mix dogs that can be a handful, but the staff handles them perfectly). P. Farnham (Riesling, Twiggy and Chappy - in loving memory, Queenie, Obi and Mr. B)"

CQOB Smith

"John Gagnon and team are second to none! My dog spent almost 6 years going to daycare and boarding frequently as I travel routinely for work. The team was always so helpful when my travel was delayed and I needed to board my dog for an extra night. There was no place on earth he would rather be then in the daycare yard playing with all of the amazing dogs that frequent Gagnon's. Right up until his recent passing, John and staff were patient, caring and beyond helpful to me and my dog, and I would recommend them to anyone who cares for and truly loves their dog!"


"We love the Pet Spa! We have used every service you offer for our 2 Picardy Shephards. Training, grooming, boarding, underground fencing and it was all first rate. I would be happy to be a reference for you and your team."

Gabrielle Hoffman

"We have been doing boarding, day care and grooming with Gagnon's for 3 years now with our dog Athena. The services and all personnel have been fantastic. The facilities are clean and prices are the most reasonable in the area. I have recommend Gagnon's to many friends over the years."

Judy Franco


"We would NOT CONSIDER any other place to bring 'our kids'. You guys are the best and we tell everyone that. You are always there for us and you can tell that our girls absolutely love it there. When I was in South Carolina I visited many Doggie Day Care businesses and none of them (or their employees) measured up to how great you are in every aspect of your whole facility (and we absolutely mean that). Thanks for being there for us - we love you guys!"

Ed, Dee, Lindy and Nina Brown

"I enrolled my foster dog, Vibes, in a training class which is starting next week.  The rescue I am fostering him through told me you discounted the class for them.  I just wanted to thank you, that was above and beyond and they thought it was wonderful as well.
I also wanted to let you know and I've said it before, you guys are amazing!  I love when I pull into your parking lot and see how excited my dogs get for daycare!  It amazes me when Gavin first started daycare how timid and unsure he was.  Now he marches through the door like he owns the place and doesn't look back.  I can't tell you how much that means to me!  
Then there is Shada.  The first place I had taken her for training and daycare when she first came to me from the shelter pretty much told me she was untrainable and aggressive. That is how I found you guys, looking for help.  Well Tom straightened me right out with her.  How fortunate Shada and I are to have met you guys.
I have experienced a few other daycares, grooming and boarding places and nothing even compares to the resort!  Thank you for everything, I can't say enough about how wonderful you guys are!!"
Stacey Botticello


*Check out our testimonial page for more comments from satisfied customers!